Stun Baton with super powerful voltage 300,000KV

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Our stun baton have super powerful voltage, and it can also hit people.

It is made by stainless and ABS, very strong and very easy to use.


PILI-188K is our hot sale stun baton, we sell it to many country and also sell it Taiwan.

Secuirty company, 24hr store... etc., they all use our stun baton.


  1. High voltage electric shock: 300KV
  2. Safety Switch
  3. Power source: 3 pcs 9V Alkaline batteries
  4. Size: 380X48X35mm
  5. Weight: 375g 
  6. Package including: 1x Hoster
  7. Delicate color package
  8. Options: charger and rechargeable battery (Voltage: 150KV)


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