Net GunSH-Net Gun
  • Product Feature
  • Product Specification
  1. Size small, lightweight, designed for quick-release by belt click and shoulder strap. Very convenient for immediate use in emergency, and suitable to catch human, animal non-lethally.
  2. Use general 12 grams CO² compressed gas bottle for launch power, it can be reloaded & refilled easily and quickly.
  3. Net and heel rope(training net) can be recycled and reinstalled, made of HDPE, tied target tight and intertwine uneasy. It is very convenient to re-collect for re-use.
  4. Long capture distance with net flying speed over 10 meters per second. Effective catch distance over 10M.
  5. The net composes of 8 aluminum alloy balls and unrolls up to 9 m2 (3m x 3m) with mesh of 15 cm. When launching, the net projects up to 10m/sec and to effective range above 10 m.
  6. The heel rope(training net) composes of 8 aluminum alloy balls on top of rope of 3 meters long. Projection velocity reaches 15 m/sec and effective range up to 15 m. Eg. When the heel rope shoots toward target, one aluminum alloy ball twisting the target bring forth other 7 aluminum alloy balls involved to further tying.
  1. Material: Aluminum alloy
  2. Weight for Aluminum alloy ball: Approx. 13g/pc
  3. Quantity for aluminum alloy ball: 8pcs
  4. Effective catching distance: Up to 10 m
  5. Optimum distance: 5-8 m
  6. Net area (unrolled): Around 9M²
  7. Mesh size: Around 15cm²
  8. Power: 3.0Mpa
  9. Power plant: 12 grams CO2 gas bottle (disposable)
  10. Net projection velocity: 10m/sec
  11. Net Weight: 1.1kgs

Standard Package:

  1. Net Gun main unit x1
  2. Reused net x1
  3. Reused heel rope (training net) x1
  4. 12g CO² gas bottle x4
  5. Gas bottle cartridge x2
  6. Quick-release belt clip x1
  7. Carrying bag x 1